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Latest from the Blog

Looking Through Windows

The removal van slowly edged up the cul-de-sac between the parked cars, carefully parking outside the semi-detached house. The driver sighed, cut the engine and looked out of the door window. His back was sore, he thought that this might be his last job. Anna looked back at him through the front room window and…

Escaping Firgo by Jason Whittle – Book Review

This short novel, or extended essay is a morality story, a comparison of materialism and spirituality, a critique of the way modern society is too embedded in materialism, and of how actions have consequences. Through the device of planning a bank robbery the protagonist encounters various situations where these two concepts are put into juxtaposition…

Shame and Scandal In The Family

Gail was woken up by her mother. “I want you to get up early today because we are going on a long journey to see Nanny. She’s been taken into hospital and I think it is very important for us both to go and see her. Daddy can’t come because he has to go to work…

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